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2024 Dated Hyperlinked Pink Digital Planner

2024 Dated Hyperlinked Pink Digital Planner

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Retro Pink 2024 Dated Hyperlinked Digital Planner, Goodnotes Digital Planner, 2024 Fully Hyperlinked Digital Planner

Looking for a fun new planner that doesn't bulk up your bag? A digital planner is the way to go! Use our Retro Pink 2024 Dated Hyperlinked Digital Planner with your iPad or tablet on the app Goodnotes! This item is a digital download. No item will be shipped to you.

Monday Start


- monthly tabs
- popular spreads tabs
- index (20+ templates, daily and weekly hyperlinks)
- monthly (hyperlink to week and daily spreads)
- weekly (hyperlink to dailies in that week or any day of the month)
- daily (hyperlink to weekly)

20+ Extra Templates and Planners
- monthly goal planner
- yearly goal planner
- project planner
- brain dump
- vision board
- monthly budget planner
- debt payment tracker
- no spend challenge
- savings tracker
- grocery list
- workout routine
- period tracker
- sleep tracker
- shopping list
- meal planner
- chore chart
- routine planner
- habit tracker
- book review
- subscription tracker
- password tracker
- to do list
- notes


Downloadable PDF file. Open this file using the app Goodnotes and import it as a new document.

Planner PDF file. The file can be downloaded using a web browser. Upon download, you will open the downloaded file and open up in Goodnotes where you'll import as a new document.


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